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On Mar 26, 8:52 am, "Matt J " <mattjacREM...@THISieee.spam> wrote:
> I'm not sure I follow. The OP is trying to extract multiple 17x17 neighborhoods automatically. Your code seems to extract only one.
Yes, it extracts only one.  As I understood it, he does only want
one.  He said "for given points (e.g. (5,10), (20,100), (20,200) etc),
I want to find 17 x 17 neighbourhood"

So for his example he would get one 17x17 neighborhood with the upper
left corner (row1, column1) being (5,10), and he'd get the second
17x17 neighborhood with the upper left corner being (20,100), and
another one with the upper left corner being (20,200).  He didn't want
one located at every single pixel of the millions of pixels in the
entire image, just those few "given points" that he specified.  My
code extracts multiple neighborhoods only if you call it multiple
times, once for each of the few "given points."  At least that's how I
understood it.  Ravi please correct me if I'm wrong.