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Subject: Re: Index exceeds matrix Dimensions?
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"Sanaa" wrote in message <jkshid$42c$>...
> ......
>   n= 200;
> ru = (3.0/n):(3.0/n):4;
> for m = 1:3*n
>       x(m)=bifurcationthird(m/3,ru(m));
> end
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  In the line

 ru = (3.0/n):(3.0/n):4;

you generate the array 'ru' containing only 266 elements, but the index m in the for-loop gets as high as m = 600.  There is no 600th element of 'ru'.  I think you may have meant to have ru = 4/(3*n):4/(3*n):4.

  You should realize that binary floating point numbers, which are what matlab uses for 'double', cannot represent 1/3 exactly, and that means that you are "skating on thin ice" when you write your code as you have.  For example if you were to add up 1/3 six times and then multiply the sum by three, you would not get an exact six for an answer due to round off errors.

Roger Stafford