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Subject: help with double integration
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need help to solve double integration. i have to calculate the fourier constant using the formula.

A(m,n)= double integration of w(x,y)*cos(m*y/r)*cos(2*n*pi*x/L)in the limits(0,L,0,2*pi*R) i have the matrix w(x,y) of size 74*17 and A will also be in the size of 74*17. but i am puzzled with the number of for loops i have to use. here m and n in the formula is also constants m form 1 to 74 and n form 1 to 17. R is radius. L is the length.

been puzzled here. the code below

out = integrnd(x,y);

A(m,n)= w(x,y)*cos(m*y/r)*cos(2*n*pi*x/l);

result = dblquad(@integrnd,0,l,0,2*pi*R);

i know there is big mistake in the code. by seeing the double integration help file, i have did the above part. if somebody helps me with the loops it will be of great help.