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"Chuck37" wrote in message <jl0f6r$k7m$>...
> "Malcolm Lidierth" wrote in message <jl0ckc$cpp$>...
> > I have a local install only so can not address the main Q, but unless you need to replace/delete items - e.g. when MATLAB distributed jars are out-of-date, there seems little to gain from editing the static path rather than using javaaddpath to place jars on the dynamic path - particularly if you add the extra jars at the start of a MATLAB session. 
> Some things I read suggest that it will load faster from the static path.  I honestly don't understand it, but if it is easy I was going to give it a shot.

True - but loading a class is a one-off event. The only time I see a (just) noticeable delay is when I first reference a class in a jar - even when it has quite a number of dependent jars in its /lib folder.