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"Kennedy Kwasi" <> wrote in message 
> How do i write a matlab script to generate an 80x80 matrix to satisfy the 
> following conditions:
> for i=1:80; for j=1:80 , if j==i , a(i,j)=2*i
> else if j=i+2, for i=1:78 or j=i-2, for i=3:80, a(i,j)=0.5*i
> else if j=i+4, for i=1:76 or j=i-2, for i=5:80, a(i,j)=0.25*i
> else a(i,j)=0

No idea, because it looks like you're trying to nest a FOR loop over i 
inside another FOR loop also over i.

If I had to guess I'd say the function you're looking for is DIAG, but if 
you could show the group a small example (say 8-by-8) of the matrix you want 
to result from running the code, the group may be able to offer more 
specific help.

Steve Lord
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