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look up the help on 'plot'.  the most simple way to plot is just: plot(x,y) (where the vectors x & y have to be of same length)

he suggested a plot of "a/2+15/(32*a) against a". to get that plot, using 'a' between 3/4 and 5/4 (as he suggested):

a=0.75:0.005:1.25;           %creates a row vector of x values
cos_alpha=a/2+15/(32*a); %gives you the values that cos(alpha) have to be
plot(a,cos_alpha)               %makes the plot

i dont know the range of cos_alpha but you might want to fix the axis of the plot so it only plots values of cos_alpha between -1.25 and +1.25 (look this up in the help, im sure there is a good example on how to do this)