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"Keith Barth" <> wrote in message <jmakc3$61e$>...
> Suppose I have a vector x in ascending order that is evenly spaced. (e.g., x=linspace(0,90,N) )
> Suppose x(i)=<y<x(i+1). What is the fastest way to find i?
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  If x is evenly-spaced and ascending, then the formula

 i = floor((y-x(1))/(x(n)-x(1))*(n-1)+1);

will usually give you the correct 'i' for x(i) <= y < x(i+1) in just one step.  However, if it misses due to round off error, you can easily correct it in only one more step by adding or subtracting 1 to i as needed.

Roger Stafford