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Torsten <> wrote in message <>...

> 1. Your call to lsqcurvefit and the interpretation of the arguments in
> myfun are wrong.
> 2. At the moment, myfun returns the model y-data for only _one_ data
> point to lsqcurvefit.
> Look at the example problems for lsqcurvefit in the documentation.
> Best wishes
> Torsten.

Dear Torsten,

I read the example many times but I could not really see why myfun will return only one model y-data. Could you give me some indication?
Is it because the 2 Input cell have different length?
The tricky point is that in myfun there is a problem-dependent parameter deltax, so I could not use only one input vector - xdata.

Danke Schoen und bis bald!!!