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Subject: Re: What is the best way to import Excel files, with stock data, into Matlab? I’m using Matlab R2010b (64-bit)
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Thanks, TideMan.  I tried this:
[a,b] = xlsread('XLSFile','stock_data.xls');

I got this error message:
??? Error using ==> xlsread at 219
XLSREAD unable to open file XLSFile.
File C:\Program Files\MATLAB\XLSFile.xls not found.

I need to look into this a bit more.

Basically, I think my question boils down to this. I can import the data, with no indication of which stock is which, and no dates, but the plots work perfect. I can import the data with dates and headers and values, but I can't PLOT anything.

There must be a simple thing that I'm missing. There must be a simple work-around, right.

I'd really like see the prices on the Y-Axis and see the dates on the X-Axis. How can I do that? it must be simple, right.

Thanks, everyone!!

"per isakson" wrote in message <jncmr3$o02$>...
> Do you have the Statistical Toolbox?