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Subject: Re: Create a spaced vector for a log-plot
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On 4/28/2012 6:45 PM, Roger Stafford wrote:

> Hermano, you should realize that the spacing you have requested is not
> in any sense a "log-spaced vector" because the ratio between successive
> interval lengths is not held constant. From .1 to 1 the intervals are
> all the same length and then suddenly the length is multiplied by 10.
> The intervals are then constant again until 100, at which time they are
> again multiplied by 10, etc. This irregularity could lead to a
> misinterpretation of displayed data.

I figured he was looking to label ticks specifically; if so when he 
switches/sets to log axes the spacing between the ticks will be set for 
him automagically.

Certainly the values aren't logrithmically spaced numerically, that's as 
OP noted what he gets if uses logspace() but they're "clean" for 
presentation purposes and if the data are spaced over a reasonable 
number of decades and plot size w/ font chosen appropriately, probably 
makes for a decent-looking plot.