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Subject: Re: Create a spaced vector for a log-plot
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On 4/29/2012 9:19 AM, dpb wrote:

> I figured he was looking to label ticks specifically; if so when he
> switches/sets to log axes the spacing between the ticks will be set for
> him automagically.
> ... they're "clean" for
> presentation purposes and if the data are spaced over a reasonable
> number of decades and plot size w/ font chosen appropriately, probably
> makes for a decent-looking plot.

Well, not so much... :(

At least in my old R14 release, set(gca,'xticklabel',l) w/ "l" being the 
derived set of values puts them at the right locations but adds another 
set of subticks that clutters things up.  The font size needed is 
_quite_ small for more than 2 decades as well.

Couldn't get it to work well w/ this release w/o more futzing than  have 
time for...or really inclination more accurately :)

I figured it would be far better than the results were... :(