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Subject: Re: Corrcoef(A,B) when Var(A)=0
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On 5/4/2012 12:01 PM, laurie wrote:

...[top posting repaired; please don't do that--hard follow conversation 

 > no i don't think this is autocorrelation : A is different from B, but
 > Var(A)=0
 > if you plotted the vectors along each observation, A would be an
 > horizontal line, but not B.
> the end objective is to have a measure of "ordered distance" between
> A and B.

That would simply be abs(A-B) or perhaps sqrt((A-B).^2))

Play around w/ various values of Z in the following and see if that 
doesn't show what you're asking for...

 >> Z=0.5;
 >> x=1:10;y=exp(-x/10);
 >> plot(x,y)
 >> x=0:10;y=exp(-x/10);
 >> plot(x,y)
 >> c=sqrt((y-Z).^2);
 >> plot(x,y,x,c)