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Subject: Re: 30% faster for-loop when changing loop variable from default(double) to int
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"Matt J" wrote in message <jotljb$42u$>...
> "Roger Stafford" wrote in message <joslg3$p6u$>...
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> >   Since the type of the argument N and therefore i is changed from double to int32 as Hao has indicated in the last two articles, the difference in speeds seems quite plausible to me.  It ought to be faster to increment a counter by 1 in int32 format than a 64-bit floating point format number.
> ===============
> The loop counter in Hao's examples is not in int32 type, though.
> The pre-casting of i to int32 is negated once the for-loop begins: 

Never mind, I didn't notice that N was also pre-cast.

Still, when I run both versions, I don't see a significant speed difference either.