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Subject: Random Integers with unequal chance
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Hi. I am trying to create random integer generator that gives a better chance of generating a lower number.

The chance I am using are based on (0.5)^x

So I would like the generator to have a 50% chance of giving a 1, 25% chance of giving a 2, 12.5% chance of giving a 3 and so on.

I am cutting the generator off at 20.
 So the function
 randi ([1,20],[1,1]);
is what I am starting from. Someone suggested giving each range their own chance of occuring. So I guess I would use an 'If" statement involving randi (1)>=0.5, randi(2)>=0.25....etc.

But I am a bit lost and drabbled on how to go about starting this script. You don't have to make the whole thing I just need help getting started or a direction to go in.