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"Valentina" wrote in message <jpi7su$g55$>...
> Hi, I want to create a function that give me N random points in a circular zone.
> The circular zone can be represented as
> A={(x,y)=(R*cos(theta), R*t*sin(theta)), t in [-1, 1], theta in [a,b]}
> where 0<a<b<pi.
> I have written a function for the circular segment, that is when a=0, but this function doesn't give me a uniform distribution and I don't understand how apply it to the zone.
> function [x,y]= RandSeg(N, R, w)
>     angle = -w+2*w*rand(N,1);    % theta is in [0, w]
>     k=linspace(-1,1,N)';
>     x=R.*cos(angle);
>     y=R.*k.*sin(angle);
> Can anyone help me?
> Thank you!
> Valentina

Actually, here's a better vectorised method. The square root provides the uniform distribution.

function [x,y]= RandSeg(N, R, w)
  angle = -w+2*w*rand(N,1);
  rad = rand(N,1).^0.5;