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Subject: Re: Heat map generation of a floor plan image
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Hi Nazmul,

You can first show the floor plan. Then, you can do a reshape to your temperature map to make it a matrix that is of the same size as the floor plan. Now, you can say hold on to the floor plan figure and show the temperature using imagesc. But make sure you set the the FaceAlpha property of the temperature map. 

Here is a very crude example that can be wrong but you can rectify by looking at the documentation.

temperatureMap = reshape(M(:,3),size(floorPlan)); % You had said the third column gives the map. You need to make sure that reshape does not mess up the location info. So, the best way is to do reshape on the first two columns to see if the coordinates are set correctly.

axis image
hold on
h = imagesc(temperatureMap);

Something like this. You can make a search on the keywords that I pointed to above.