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Subject: Re: how to use a vector as an index for a matrix
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"mono" wrote in message <k00fpn$94r$>...
> "Justin Ashmall" <> wrote in message <k00e6v$4fi$>...
> > > I want to use a vector as index for a matrix. For example, t=[2,3], I want to point to the value in the matrix M at M(2,3). If I command as M(t), actually it points to M(2) and M(3). How can I use t to point to M(2,3)?
> > 
> > You want the sub2ind function to convert to a linear index.
> > 
> > In your example, this would do the trick:
> > 
> >  M( sub2ind(size(M), 2, 3) )
> > 
> > You could replace the 2 and 3 with (equal sized) vectors to get multiple values back.
> > 
> > Justin
> Hi Justin,
> Thanks for your reply. But I don't think it solves my problem. The thing is t is a vector, and its  size is not fixed. It makes trouble to use its value inside. t can be t=[2,3], can also be t=[2,3,4]. Of course when t=[2,3], the matrix M is 2 dimensional, and when t=[2,3,4], M is 3 dimensional. You suggested to use sub2ind, however it still needs t as put. Obviously, M(sub2ind(size(M),t)) is not working. Any further suggestion?

sub2indvec = @(s,t) 1 + [1 cumprod(s(1:end-1))]*(t(:)-1);

% Bruno