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"mklcst mklcst" wrote in message <k00t34$t35$>...
> Hi everybody, I have a 2 column matrix to plot, one with the dates in number and the other column with the values. My problem is the date labels to plot on the x axis, because if I have 100obs I cannot print 100 date labels. In order to face it I tried with some loops but I have an inconsistency on the time range (same space interval different time period of months). I suppose there is an easy way to do it, so if I have a column-vector x with the dates in number and y with the values. What I have to do in order to plot it?

Providing your number-dates are Matlab datenums, just plot(x,y) as normal and then do:
datetick x   % or datetick('x') 

Alternatively, open the documentation with "doc" and search for something like "plot dates".