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Subject: Re: Compiled Matlab fgets error
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dpb <> wrote in message <k2q1f6$60t$>...
> On 9/12/2012 1:14 AM, Ben wrote:
> > Argh, I just realised my message above was in error - I was talking
> > about subdirectories but in the code I posted it had not even reached
> > the part where it explores subdirectories.
> > So the code is valid but scratch the bit about directories :)
> > So then I know the path is good, the file is there, and the code
> > executes file IO on other files from the same dir. I tried moving the
> > eeglab toolbox to the same folder as the code I am compiling, but didn't
> > help.
> Well, the combination of the two posts has totally confused me -- your 
> original post says you have an invalid file handle problem w/ a compiled 
> code.

Apologies for the confusion. The problem remains the same, much like the song - an invalid file handle with compiled code.
This occurs within the file reader script pop_biosig() from Eeglab, so that I cannot change the code itself.
Hopefully that is clearer?

> Now I'm at a loss as to what you meant by 'compiled' here -- you mean 
> the external package distributed as a (I presume) set of mex functions 
> or have you tried to compile the overall program and are trying to 
> execute that?

I have compiled the program and am trying to execute. FYI I'm completely new to compiled Matlab.

> Clarify the situation, please...
> Also, _PLEASE_ do not top-post--conversation follow hard to makes.
> --