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"Reza Dadar" wrote in message <k41182$90l$>...
> Hi all,
> This question is not new. I've seen it a lot. Mostly for the windows systems. But as far as I know it is still unsolved.
> you can find a similar discussion at
> Here is the problem!
> I've been running a script requiring a large amount of memory in Matlab (2012b).
> In order to save RAM,  variables are cleared by a "clear all" command or "clear "variable name"" during my scripts.
> But this does not solve anything, since I can tell by the Linux System Monitor that memory is still taken by Matlab (which can exceed 12GB), even if I cleared all variables with a "clear all".
>  Memory is only freed if I shut down Matlab and restart it.
> Is there any command that really clears all the cache?
> Thank you!

I have a similar problem that seems to be a LOT worse afgter I upgraded to Matlab 2012b:
Windows 7 pro, 32bit running on:
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2.8GZ. 4GB RAM. 

Whenever vars are cleared using either clearall, clearvars, clear all hidden etc, the memory available for Matlab single arrays does not increase. 
And I run out of memory performing simple tasks. 

Any solutions would be appreciated?