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Subject: change the drop-down menu list if a radio button is checked
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Hi All,

I am designing a GUI that include a drop down menu for the user to select different calculation method they want. Currently I have 5 method names listed there. But now I want to add a radio button to toggle a different procedure - with that radio button checked on, the calculation method listed in the drop down menu will have to be changed to other string names. Any clue to do that? 

I've tried something like:
if Rb_GME_Value
    set(handles.pm_Cal,'String',''--- Select --- ','Min', 'Base Offset'');

But the problem is then when I click the button the entire string of '--- Select --- Min Base Offset' will be listed in the first row. But actually what I want to see is something like this:
---- Select ----
Base Offset