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Hello again,
Just closing the loop on the concerns you've shared regarding the changes shipped in 12b documentation:

In response to customer feedback, MathWorks is deploying an additional 700 redirects for documentation URLs.

When combined with the  redirects already deployed (for reference pages, landing pages, installation sections, and release notes), we will be redirecting roughly 70% of R2012a documentation URLs to updated page locations.

We will also continue to monitor "page not found" reports, and establish additional redirects as needed.  

Additionally, I'd like to note that the discussion has been incredibly insightful in helping the documentation team establish future direction.  Customers noted that the doc appears to have undergone a change in organization and have speculated on the motivation.  While SEO was part of our motivation (we think it’s a big step in having URLs provide an indication of page focus), we are also working towards serving up information to support common customer workflows. Our intent is to provide targeted information which meet immediate needs, rather than requiring customers to scroll through lots of information looking for relevant content.   I've already noted that your reactions have highlighted the need for contextual tools (such as a persistent TOC) to facilitate this exploration and learning.  The changes in content organization, though, have already helped identify gaps in our 
information coverage.  I want to encourage you all to continue to share experiences and requests for missing information, so our documentation team can continue to expand and improve our content. 

As always, please don't hesitate to respond to me directly at wendy.fullam (@)  We'd love for you to participate in either on-sight or virtual usability sessions.