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Subject: Re: solving a system of multi-variable polynomial equations in mupad
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"Roger Stafford" wrote in message <k5nr10$9mi$>...
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>   I think you misinterpreted some of the statements I made, Daniel.  For instance, the "parabolic" condition B^2=A*C>0 does not imply the xy points have to be either the x-axis or y-axis; it could be any straight line through the origin, depending on the values of A, B, and C.  Also, having all points in a solution lie along a single straight line through the origin does not imply that the parabolic condition must hold; it might be one of the lines of a "hyperbolic" (B^2>A*C) set.

Roger, I just wanted to say that you are both amazingly knowledgeable and generous with your time. Have you ever considered setting up a PayPal 'tip jar', like Yair has? You have contributed so much to this community that it can feel one-sided :)