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Subject: Distance from 3D point to line segments
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I have a set of 2000 X,Y,Z data points creating a rectangle with rounded corners.

Here is a plot of my data:

I need to verify that each x,y,z point is within a certain distance from a calculated path of the same shape. I plan on recreating this plot with calculated points, 4 line segments and 4 curves, and then comparing the distance of each point in my dataset to the appropriate segment that I calculate. 

I am using the following for finding distance between a point and line, I am struggling with creating the arcs/curves in 3D. I have the 2 end points and the radius. I then need to compare distance of a 3D point to this 3D curve... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

%loop comparing distance of every found point to calculated line with end points P1_1 and P1_2

for i=min:max
 	error(i) = norm(cross(P1_2-P1_1,point-P1_1))/norm(P1_2-P1_1)