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"Roger Stafford" wrote in message <k7ida8$3ui$>...
> "Daniel Moka" <> wrote in message <k7h6qf$q3a$>...
> > I have measured an object with geodetic total stations. i have X,Y,Z coordinates of the object. I would like to fit a paraboloid to my x,y,z coordinates and deterrmine the deviation (dy,dy,dz) between my measured object and a theoretical paraboloid.
> > (My object is similar to this : )
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>   If your "object" is one of those antennae pictured at the website you mentioned, it appears to be a circular paraboloid, which would make things quite a bit easier.  Is that the kind of paraboloid you are trying to fit your points to?
> Roger Stafford

Thank you for your reply!

To be honest, i am a little bit greenhorn at this topic :\ My teacher told me, i have to fit a rotation paraboloid to my x,y,z coordinates, and determine the deviations. I have alredy fitted a ball(sphere) to these coordinates, and determined the deviations.
The result is the following : for example for the first 2 points :

2012.11.06 11:02 - Ball (sphere)
Y0 = 2.388 X0 = 0.503 Z0 = 4.005 R = 0.309

Point          y            x            z                      dy           dx           dz           dr
3             2.220        0.636        4.235        0.003       -0.002       -0.004       -0.005
4             2.215        0.644        4.226        0.002       -0.002       -0.004       -0.005

This ball fitting task was easy to do, because there is a program(created by my teacher) which can solve that.

Responsing to your question, yes, my object is something like that paraboloid at website, and i should fit same paraboloid to this. i am going to university today (where the parabola is) and i am going to take a picture of that, then i will put it here to this message.

i am sorry for my bad english, it is long time since i have used it, nowadays i am trying to improve it...