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Subject: Re: How to retrieve the given column of the data of arbitrary size?
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"Steven_Lord" <> wrote in message <k80civ$n39$>...
> "Jan Simon" <> wrote in message 
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> > Dear Bruno,
> >>  ind = {':', 3, ':', ':' };
> >>  A3=squeeze(A(ind{:}))
> >
> > I like this method. It is used in Matlab's toolbox functions, but is it 
> > documented also?
> I don't believe it's explicitly documented. This is about as close as the 
> documentation gets to describing that behavior.
> " A colon used as an index is passed in the cell array as the string ':'. "
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> Steve Lord
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One would think that this behavior (and any other aspects of indexing for Matlab arrays) should be documented here:

Also, (at least in earlier versions of Matlab), indexing with characters is allowed, like this:
A('a') and A('ab').  Since that wasn't documented, it's not clear if that's supposed to be legal syntax.  Further confusing the issue is that A('a') and A(':') are treated inconsistently.  The former returns a single element of A (converting 'a' to its ASCII code I believe) and the latter returns all of A.