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Well, I'm entering a value (date) into the InputBox, and then reading from the InputBox to ColumnA.  You're correct.  I didn't phrase it as well as I could have.

I believe both the options that you mentioned would work fine.  I'm not sure how to do the coding.  Surely, you know Matlab better than I know it.

I never got your code sample to work.  It said something about the Try Catch being incorrect.  It looks fine to me.  I didn't know how to interpret that error.

Do you have an idea what the actual code will look like?  If not, I'll have to do a lot more fiddling with this thing.  I spent a while on it yesterday, and got as far as my last post.


"Phil Goddard" <> wrote in message <k8c9se$iqk$>...
> I'm confused by your terminology.
> I don't see anywhere in your code (or any reason in your description) why you are "... pass that into ColumA ..."
> Nor "(this is what I pass to the InputBox)" -- surely you are reading from the InputBox not passing anything into it.
> If you mean that you are just wanting to compare a number(date?) that a user enters to the values(dates) in the first column of the spreadsheet and then extract the corresponding row, then why not either,
> a) read the first column into MATLAB; determine which element (and hence row) corresponds to the value entered by the user; then use my previous code to read the specified row.
> or
> b) read everything from the specified sheet into MATLAB; then determine which row you want and extract it from the whole matrix that was read in.
> Phil.