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Subject: Re: Access to float coordinates in a 3D matrix
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On 12/3/2012 8:11 AM, Javier wrote:

> This are the first values for x: x(1),x(2) and x(3):
>3,54551732809566	3,63234837121917	3,71917941434267	3.
> They are floating points because I have a decimal resolution. If for example
>I want to acces Structures (x(1),y(1),z(1)), I can't.

what exactly is your x above? is it a matrix? struct array?
cell? you show values with a "," in it, so confusing to guess
what you have.

You have to start with describing the data stucture your data
is in. Be clear what is it. If it is a matrix of 3 columns,
each column for a coordinates, then writing

x(i,:)  gives you the 3 coordinates in the i'th row as a vector.