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Subject: Re: GUI comments box
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 12:26:38 -0500
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In article <k9qfi0$gcj$>,
 "Chris McCorquodale" <> 

> Hi,
> I am writing a gui that requires a 'comments' box for users to allow them to 
> make comments/notes etc before saving or printing.
> Initially I thought this would be easy - a big edit box. But that doesn't 
> work as it only allows writing on one line. Also when you run out of room, it 
> doesn't move on to the next line, just goes off the end.
> Can't really think of any other simple ways of doing this. Anyone have any 
> ideas?
> Thanks in advance.

Set the 'Max' property of the edit box to something greater than 1.

Doug Schwarz
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