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"Steven_Lord" <> wrote in message <kacpi6$8g9$>...
> "Tor Inge Birkenes" <> wrote in 
> message news:kach7k$84p$
> >> Any ideas how to save invisible figures, but have them open as visible?
> >
> > I have made a function that changes the visible parameter on a saved .fig 
> > file, thus make a fig file saved invisible open as visible. It looks like 
> > this:
> If this figure file is a regular figure, why not just open it up using 
> OPENFIG with the 'visible' flag?
> If this is a figure file associated with a GUIDE GUI, see the Tips section 
> of that page for an alternative.
> -- 
> Steve Lord
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I would reiterate what I just replied to Tor Inge Birkenes. But maybe you know a workaround which allows to configurate OPENFIG, i.e. to change its default action?