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"Bo" wrote in message <k7c0q8$d5n$>...
> I met this problem too. Now I have solved this problem. Actually there are 2 properties we need to modify. The first one is 'Endingpoint', which belongs to waveform properties. The default number is 10000, we could set that to be the same as Recordlength by editing the driver file *.mdd. The other one is input buffer size. That one could be configured by the set command. It should be at least 2 times larger than the recordlength. After that I am able to get a waveform which contains 10M points.

I'm having trouble getting more than 10k points out too. I'm using the DPO4014 driver, though.

My EndingPoint default number was actually 0 in my driver file. I changed it to 100000 manually. Then I set the InputBufferSize in MATLAB to 210000. ANy ideas?