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"Image Analyst" wrote in message <kalu7e$rt7$>...
> "Chuck37" wrote in message <kad5po$qnn$>...
> > I've been successfully using scatter on my Linux box to do scatter plots with a constant marker size.  3 point seemed to work there.
> > 
> > Now I'm trying to run the same scripts on Windows and the markers are these fairly huge diamonds.  I'm using filled circles theoretically.  If I switch from 3 to 2 it goes to a nearly invisible single pixel marker.  I tried non-integer values but it makes no difference.  
> > 
> > Is there a way out of this?  I'd really like to have the same look for a presentation I'm working on.  Thanks.
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> It goes from really huge to nearly invisible just upon going from 3 to 2?  Strange.  You can fine tune it a bit using the 'MarkerEdgeColor' property.

When you went to the other OS, is this with the same monitor?  Probably more important (although I am simply guessing) is the graphics configuration, monitor, drivers, graphics card?

I noticed my figures were completely different using my same work laptop but having them rendered on a 4x3 monitor versus the laptop's hi res, wide screen.  Windows xp and 7.  Believe it or not the 4x3 scaled my figures better into PowerPoint.  

This also seems to be the case on my Macs.  Hi res, 15" Mac book pro (2012, non retina) really makes some of my figures lines disappear.  Late 2008 iMac 21" seems less affected.  No 100% fix that I have come up with yet but I am still playing with the various plot properties and I am getting closer.

Thing that sucks so far is that it seems like there is not a one size fits all.  Unfortunately, work "upgraded" me to these hi def, dell wide screen external monitors for our desks and I had to give the 4x3 HP monitor 19" back throwing all of my figures off at work.....

Anyway, if I come up with a better answer I will post again.  Otherwise my advice is similar to image's and you have to play with all of the plot options, size, edge color, shape and rgb values.