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"Barbara" wrote in message <kammao$48q$>...
> Hi
> I am trying to update some of my MATLAB scripts accordimg to the new nnet-Toolbox  functions, but I cannot get some things to work. For example:
> old version: 
>   ans =      0.5498    0.5548    0.5548    0.5596 
> new version
> ans =     0.7700    0.7749    0.7749    0.7798
> The outputs of these two nets, which I thought should be identical are different. I do understand the output of the newff-net, but I don't see how it comes to the results in case of patternnet. 
> Any help would be very much appreciated

As stated in my previous post, there have been many changes between those versions. Some are readily apparent and some are subtle.

It may be best to just make sure that you know how to use the new functions. Then after they have been tested on data, you can see how they compare with the older versions.

Hope this helps.