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"rami " <> wrote in message 
> I am a software engineer for some of leading companies that specialist in 
> building controller software and Application, I am going to build new 
> software, that needs engineering skills beside to the software and coding 
> skills. Everything going well with me, I started reading some of Plantwide 
> Control pdfs and take a look into some of the related algorithms and 
> diagrams.
> can you provide me with the solutions and answers for the exercises in 
> each Appendix?


This sounds like a homework question for a course. In general this newsgroup 
requires people posting homework questions (or questions that SOUND LIKE 
they're homework, even if they're not) to show what they've done to try to 
solve the problem and to ask a SPECIFIC question before the readers will 
offer any suggestions.  Post the code you've written to try to solve these 
exercises and indicate where EXACTLY you're stuck and someone may offer some 

I will give you a very general suggestion: I would consider using ODE45 in 
MATLAB or creating a Simulink model of the system to solve these problems.

FYI, this was also asked on MATLAB Answers:

Steve Lord
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