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Subject: Re: Linking Matlab Compiler to Visual C++ compiler ???
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"Animesh Pandey" <> wrote in message 
> I am using Matlab 2010 and VS2010. I have the Matlab Compiler Runtime 
> installed in my system. Whenever if run command mcc -setup I get only one 
> compiler lcc. This compiler gives a lot of errors when used to build a C++ 
> shared library using deployment tool. It builds only C Shared libraries 
> correctly.
> Can I also connect VC++ compiler with MCC ????

Make sure that the compiler you're trying to use is supported with the 
version of MATLAB you're using and that if you need to install any 
additional components that they are installed.

Also make sure you've used "mbuild -setup"

> How should I do that ??

If those don't resolve the problem, send the FULL text of the error messages 
you receive when you try to build the library to Technical Support. [Please 
DON'T send it to me directly; I don't work with MATLAB Compiler often enough 
to be able to diagnose a problem like that as quickly as Support would be 
able to.]

Steve Lord
To contact Technical Support use the Contact Us link on