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"Joan " <> wrote in message 
> Hi, I am trying to run a matlab file "main.m" that is located in folder 
> ~/home/matlab. Ideally I want to locate an .sh file in  ~/home that runs 
> the matlab file main.m located in ~/home/matlab. How can I do it?
> It is easy to do it when both my .sh file and matlab file are in the same 
> folder. I then need to write
> matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -r main
> and it works fine. However I cannot find how to run something like
> matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -r matlab/main

"Enclose the statement in double quotation marks ("statement"). Use 
semicolons or commas to separate multiple statements"

So "cd('/home/jm3364/matlab'); main" would work as the value for the -r 
startup option.

Or create a startup.m file in the directory in which you start MATLAB and 
have that script CD to the appropriate directory and call main.

Steve Lord
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