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Subject: Re: how to import .dat file to MATLAB memory?
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"Ooi " <> wrote in message 
> i come across this link:
> it said the MATLAB code is workable, so i tried and modified:


> But it comes out an error message:
> Undefined function 'flandmark_load_model' for input arguments of
> type 'char'.

This is not a function included in MATLAB or any MathWorks toolbox; it 
appears to be a function included in the toolbox available for download from 
the site to which you linked. Download it and put it in a directory that's 
on the MATLAB path (NOT a directory under the toolbox subdirectory!) and you 
should be able to use that function just like you'd use a function in MATLAB 
or a MathWorks toolbox.

Steve Lord
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