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Subject: Re: symbolic in FOR loop. not run...WHy??
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"Quynh Tram Nghuyen Thi" <> wrote in message 
> Helloo all,
> I may put a question about symbolic & for loop. I AM USING FOR loop to 
> construct functions as following:
> (M-FILE)
> syms x y
>    for i=1:4
>        N(i,1)=(x-1)*(y-1);N(i+4,1)=(x-5+i)*(y-2);


If N is a double array already, this will need to convert (x-1)*(y-1) into a 
double precision value in order to store that value in an element of N. 
However, since you haven't specified a value for x or y, it cannot perform 
that conversion and so throws the error. Either specify NUMERIC values for x 
and y in your script/function [so that (x-1)*(y-1) results in a numeric 
value which can be converted to a double precision value] or initialize N 
symbolically before running this loop so MATLAB doesn't need to convert the 
symbolic (x-1)*(y-1) to perform the assignment.

N = sym(zeros(4, 4));

Steve Lord
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