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Subject: Re: Piecewiese linear approximation function with a minimal largest error dev.
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"Deyan Levski" <> wrote in message <kbu8d3$gcr$>...
> Hello everyone,
> In my practice I have faced a problem where I need to perform a piecewise linear approximation of a certain mathematical function for the use in a video application. 
> Due to some hardware restrictions I will need to split the function in a number of uniform segments and then calculate the approximation points accordingly, but in such a way that the largest error is minimized (minmax sense).
> Are there any existing functions that can help me with this task, I've looked at interp1 but I am afraid it is not what I am really looking for? I will be very happy if someone can guide me with some ideas or literature about this mathematical problem.

This problem can be formulated as linear programming, that can be solved with LINPROG.