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Subject: Re: how can i introduce this 4 by 4 matrix into that n by n matrix.
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On 1/1/2013 8:19 AM, k.vigneshwaran K wrote:
> using for loop i got n by n no of rows and columns of matrix. i have
> another one specified matrix of 4 by can i introduce this 4 by 4
> matrix into that n by n matrix.
> i used
> for i=1:1:n

> example:
> if i==3 in that particular point i want to control my loop.

Not at all clear what you really want, but in general one can do most 
things in ML w/o explicit loops...taking a wild guess, try the following 
at command line--

I=eye(4);      % a 4x4 matrix example
M=rand(10,4);  % another that is 10x6
M(3:6,:)=I     % put I in M at row 3

That give you any ideas on your problem????