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Subject: Re: increase a value each iteration
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On 1/2/2013 11:26 PM, MEXICO wrote:
> hi frieds, i guess this is more a math question than programming, but i have this problem,
>i would like to increase dy a variable y each n iteration values, por example,
> i have nmax iteration
> nmax=50;
> i have diferential values of y
> dy=.5
> so i do a loop
> for i=1:nmax
> y(i)= and my question is here. ??
> end
> so i want an output like
> y(1)=0
> y(2)=.5
> y(3)=1
> so on until 50 iteration, so my question is a funcion y(i) that give me a vector of
>dy increments but in function of i. thanks for advance

may be