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"Ryan Neilson" <> wrote in message <gjarn1$87n$>...
> Hello:
> I'm trying to round-off data in columns to three decimals and was hoping for some useful assistance!
> In the array, I need to round 5 columns (columns #4-8) to three decimals places. There are 1,099 rows in these columns if that's helpful/useful whatsoever.
> Thanks in advance!

Thanks to everyone who is sharing lots of useful information in here. Just did lots of logging issue to be able to share this simple "excel trick": Want to cut of all unnecessary part of 0.1111111111111 just take mod in decimal precision I need 0.1 ,0.01 or 0.001.

Then subtract it from the number it self... Here you are

>> mod(0.111111111,0.01)

ans =


>> mod(0.111111111,0.001)

ans =


>> 0.111111111-ans

ans =