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Subject: Re: rtwintgt won't install real time windows target kernel
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"Pengfei Wang" <> wrote in message <kcac5s$1hm$>...
> Dear all,
> PLEASE HELP because I am really getting mad.
> I tried to use rtwintgt -setup to install real-time windows target kernel. After typing 'y' to the prompt, MATLAB command line shows 'The Real-Time Windows Target kernel has been successfully installed'. But when I type rtwho to prove it, it shows 'Real-Time Windows Target installation is not complete. Please type 'rtwintgt -setup' to complete the installation. Type 'help rtwintgt' for more information.' It is really a dead circle, and it didn't give any error message.
> Please help if you know any reason can cause this.
> Thanks a lot.
> Pengfei

Can anyone help please. I got no problem with R2011b, but in R2012a, R2012b, it says the RTWT is successfully installed, but actually not.