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Subject: Re: Confusing spmd error
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 09:04:28 +0000
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"Chuck37 " <> writes:

> I have a function that is giving me an error when called within spmd
> but I can't repeat it outside.  e.g:
> x = <something>;
> spmd
> if labindex == 1
>  y = <something>
>  z = function(x,y);
> end
> end
> Gives me an error inside the function, but when I try to debug like this:
> z = function(x,y{1})
> It runs through just fine.  This makes debugging very difficult.
> Anyone have any idea of what would cause it not to run exactly the
> same way in each case?
> The error is nothing parallel related by the way, it's actually a
> singular matrix warning.

Hmm, that's very strange. Do you still get the warning if you simply do

x = <something>;
y = <something>;
z = function(x,y);

How about if you do 

matlabpool open 1
  x = <something>;
  y = <something>;
  z = function(x,y);

matlabpool close
  x = <something>;
  y = <something>;
  z = function(x,y);

One other thing that has an outside chance of making a difference is
that matlabpool workers are run in single computational thread mode,
which means some algorithms will work slightly differently. You could
try launching your desktop matlab with the "-singleCompThread" switch to
see if that makes any difference.