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Subject: Re: rtwintgt won't install real time windows target kernel
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:09:06 +0100
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Hi Pengfei,

it is interesting that you are able to install R2011b kernel but not the 
newer ones. Do you have access to the prerelease of the next version? If 
yes, could you try that? There are some changes in the installation 
process, mostly to support Windows 8, but they may help here as well.

The slower than expected run in the native machine is very likely due to 
power saving scheme getting active. Please try to find EIST or C1E 
settings in your computer BIOS and disable that ("disabled" means 
maximum performance, no power saving). However, if you need to use a 
third-party DLL that is 32-bit, this cannot be done in 64-bit MATLAB.

Best Regards, Jan

Pengfei Wang wrote:
> Hello, Jan
> Thank you very much for your explanation. Can I ask more please?
> I am using Windows virtual machine, not VMware or other software. It is 
> integrated into Windows 7 very well. I can use it as host for xPC target 
> , and I can install RTWT kernel on MATLAB 2011b. Why it only doesn't 
> work with MATALB 2012a or MATLAB 2012b. I know there are some updates, 
> but I don't think it will affect installing RTWT kernel. I want to use 
> the later version, because it has a new Real-time Synchronization Block.
> As you suggested, I tried installing MATLAB in Windows 7.  The RTWT 
> kernel installs with no problem. When I insert a Real-time 
> Synchronization Block into a very simple model (a signal generator and a 
> 2nd order transfer function, 0.01s smaple time), the model runs slower 
> than real time (more than twice slow). That is really another issue, I 
> am trying to figure it out. The biggest problem I have is that I need to 
> communicate with 3rd party software through s function using their 
> supplied .dll file. I can't get it working if I use MATLAB in Windows 7.
> Thanks again for your help.
> Pengfei
> Jan Houska <> wrote in message 
> <>...
>> Hi Pengfei,
>> I'm afraid that, generally, you cannot run Real-Time Windows Target in 
>> a virtual machine. This also depends on the virtual machine 
>> implementation, e.g VMware Workstation is known to work in most (but 
>> not all) cases. However, there is no official support for running in a 
>> virtual machine.
>> The reason is that the real-time kernel needs direct access to 
>> computer hardware at a very low level. This is in particular true for 
>> the timing engine - it accesses the system timer hardware in a way 
>> that very often conflicts with the virtual machine engine.
>> And, there is also the question of data acquisition hardware. 
>> Real-Time Windows Target needs direct access to it but this is not 
>> supported by virtual machines.
>> If you want to stay at that computer, your best choice is probably 
>> installing 64-bit MATLAB and Real-Time Windows Target to the host 
>> machine.
>> Good Luck, Jan


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