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On 1/11/2013 2:28 AM, Greg Heath wrote:
On 1/11/2013 2:28 AM, Greg Heath wrote:

> isequal( A{ : } , A{ : , : } )

OK, I see after looking more that it isn't as I suspected initially a 
test between curlies and parens so much but more on dereferencing...

isequal( [A{ : }] , [A{ : , : }] )

I'm not sure how the parser deals w/ the comma-separated list in an 
argument, precisely because again it's not documented thoroughly beyond 
just the description (wonder whether ever heard that from me before?  :) 

The actual content is the same as the [] shows altho clearly the 
representation seen by the parser passed to the function has something 
invisible that distinguishes the two.  What, precisely, that is, I don't 
know.  Steve?