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Subject: Matlab Used to Log into SQL Server
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I’m trying to pull data from SQL Server into Matlab.  I setup a connection to my DB; I tested the connection and everything was ok, so I’d expect to easily write some SQL and get my data set.  However, as soon as I click Data Source > SQL Server, I get prompted to enter a Username and Password.  I actually don’t have a Username or Password for my SQL Server DB, so this is baffling.  Even more weird, is when I click Excel Files or MS Access Database, I still get prompted to enter a Username and Password.  I have no Username and Password for any Excel files, MS Access DB, or SQL Server DB.  So where is this annoying message coming from, and how can I stop it?  It should be super-easy to do a query into a data source, but I can’t do anything whatsoever, because Matlab keeps asking for a Username and Password, and there is no such thing anywhere on my computer.  

Since I have no Username and Password, I click cancel and get this message:
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

What??!!!  I already set it up and tested it; everything is OK!!

How can I disable this annoying message and get this dang thing working?