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On 2/2/2013 2:02 PM, Stan wrote:
> Okay so I re-tried with a direct copy-paste. It did not work. The
> leading space, as you mentioned, does not affect it.
> I'm on Win 32. Unfortunately, I do not have access to R2012b.
> Is there a way to read in that string using some other function (fscanf,
> etc.)?

I don't have time at the moment but there's always textread() which has 
much of the same functionality as textscan() requires a file, 
though, although I think I recall your original is from a file so that 
shouldn't be a problem.

There's always a way w/ fscanf() other than having to deal w/ the 
headerlines explicitly, etc., etc., ...  fgetl() and a loop is one way 
to do that, of course.