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Subject: Re: How do I pass a value to a function called by ode45?
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"Steven_Lord" <> wrote in message 
> ODE45 requires the function that you pass into it as a function handle for 
> the first input to accept two input arguments.
> Your function f requires three input arguments.
> If we have a function that accepted the two input arguments from ODE45 and 
> passed them and another value into f, to serve as an adapter or go-between 
> for ODE45 and the f function, they will both be satisfied. The anonymous 
> function IS that adapter/go-between. The "@(t, y)" section of the anonymous 
> function indicates that it accepts two inputs (and so is a valid first input 
> for ODE45) and the "f(t, y, beta)" section calls f with three input 
> arguments (as it requires.)
> -- 
> Steve Lord
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Ahhh. In other words, the anonymous function "@(t,y)" is a function with one line. That line is "f(t,y,beta)".
Pretty neat.
Thanks for explanation.