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"Bruno Luong" <b.luong@fogale.findmycountry> wrote in message <kfbaad$sur$>...
> "Peter Bone" <> wrote in message <kfb6hv$dqb$>...
> > 
> > Thanks. That's a nice method for minimising code and works fine, but it's around 6 times slower than mine on average.
> Next suggestion:
> If you have a bunch of quadri-points to be processed, then vectorize your code rather than calling the function sequentially.
> Bruno

Thanks, but I don't think that's possible. They have to be processed sequentially because the next line segment to be processed could merge with a line segment that has been previously merged.

I was hoping for something more algorithmic because I will be coding this in C++ eventually anyway. I was perhaps thinking there could be something more efficient by not having to compute the square distance between each each pair of points. Perhaps that isn't possible.